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Introducing our elegant Valetta Sofa.

For the perfect place to relax after a long day at work, with its large seating area it provides ample sitting or lying comfort. An inviting space to kick back and relax on.

All our sofas are hand-made here in our factory in Cleckheaton, the elaborate hand-stitched upholstery provides a modern timeless, and stylish look.

Available in many styles to suit your room, from a single-seater to a U shape.

A perfect place to relax with looks that will add class and style to any living space. 

The sofas come in 3 styles to suit.

  1. Fixed back, this style has upholstery on the back of the sofa 
  2. Full back, this style has large cushions on the back
  3. Scatter back, this style has a plain back with small cushions
See Variation Images for more information. 
Size Information

2C2 Corner: Width: 235x235cm, Height: 80cm, Depth: 90cm

2C1 Corner:  Width: 235x180cm, Height: 80cm, Depth: 90cm

3 Seater: Width: 195cm, Height: 80cm, Depth: 90cm

2 Seater: Width: 165cm, Height: 80cm, Depth: 90cm

Armchair: Width: 115cm, Height: 80cm, Depth: 90cm

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