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Ottoman Gas Lift Instructions


Now that you have received your dream bed! it's time to put it together.

We have put together some simple instructions below to help you get your bed setup.

It is a straight forward process that should take 15-20 minutes, just follow the instructions below and you will have it up in no time. 


Step 1 - Preparation

Before you begin, please ensure you have enough space to move around.

Unpack all the items including the headboard and bases and place them on the floor.


Step 2 - Check Supplied Parts


  • 8 Mushroom Feet
  • 5 Screws
  • 2 U Clips

Ensure you have all the items listed above. You may also be given black spacers to be added between the headboard and the base if you have ordered the side lift divan or have attached a footboard to the bottom of the bed.


Step 3 - Attach Mushroom Feet


Attach mushroom feet as shown, they are a tight fit so may need a little encouragement to go in. 


Step 4 - Connect the Gas Lift Struts


Use the attached screws to hold the gas struts in place, please ensure these are screwed in tightly as they do all the heavy lifting.


Step 5 - Attach the U Clips to the Bases

Place the bases flat on the floor and bring them together with the correct bases on each side, the bases are normally labelled left and right on the packaging. 

Attach the U Clips at the bottom and top of the bases.



Step 6 - Prepare the Base Fabric

Using the screws supplied make holes in the fabric.

This step will make it easier for you to screw the floor standing headboard to the bases. 



Step 7 - Connect the Head to the Bases

Place the head next to the bases and screw the head into the bases.


 If you have ordered a side lift divan or have attached a footboard at the end of your bed then you will need to add spacers between the headboard and the bases.


Step 8 - Connect the lids together

On the left hand side lid use the supplied screw to make the hole. Screw the lids together. 



Step 9 - Place the Mattress

With the bases open place the mattress on top. The weight of the mattress will make the lids go down with a little push. 


Thats it you are done! Enjoy your new bed!





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